Website analysis

Keep an eye on the website.

Only an up-to-date website is a successful website. The internet is changing at a rapid pace. That is why it is important to always keep an eye on your own website and to react to changes in the network. Thanks to our regular website analysis, our customers can be sure that the website is always up to date. On the one hand, this creates security against hackers and data theft, and on the other hand, regular analysis makes an important contribution to search engine optimization.

There are many different offers for placing your own website on the Internet and making it accessible to visitors. Everyone who is on the internet knows that. While surfing, you often come across websites that have been poorly maintained or not maintained at all and that lead a dreary existence in the vast expanse of the Internet. The number of visitors is negligible; and if someone does get lost on their side, they'll jump off quickly. Advertising looks different. Only an up-to-date website can be successful, and that concerns the content of the website, which should be as current as possible. Above all, however, this affects more technical issues such as search engine optimization and regular security updates. So that our customers can concentrate on the content, we take on the other tasks. We screen the website with our professional analysis.

The following aspects in particular are put to the test in our website analysis:

The result of the website analysis shows weaknesses that can often be fixed with little effort. We give our customers detailed reports on the results of the analysis and recommendations for action on how weak points can be eliminated. It is often sufficient to update the software or to slightly revise the texts. With our analysis, we lay the foundation for our customers' websites to remain successful.

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